Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation: Interview

After a glimpse into their unique and luscious world in October supporting Goat, we are very eager for Josefin Öhrn & the Liberation’s return to Bristol for a headline show. No doubt we will be further immersed in their ambitious vision. We managed to get a few words in with them ahead of their Bristol date tonight. 

How did your album Mirage creatively come together?

The whole process feels like a hazy dream when we look back now. We wrote in between travelling and playing live, recorded snippets here and there. The album came together pretty quickly but it was very much 24/7. It’s a world you enter, or an ongoing state of mind.

What made you decide to release an alternative version to “Sister Green Eyes”?

We were going to to a slightly shorter edit of it and when we stripped it down it was as if another arrangement appeared of its own will. We started building new percussion on what was already there and took loads of things out, and raised the vocals for it to sound like a Brigitte Fontaine track, possibly a reaction to all the muffled inaudible male vocals going on.

What do you aim to achieve with your music?

Aim to achieve: we just do what we do and if people like it then that’s just great.

You mentioned creating ‘an alternate reality’ for your listeners. How do you go about doing that?

Alternate Reality: did we say that? I think that creativity and art has the ability to transport you from your everyday life-state of mind to a more zoomed out perspective

What’s it like working with Rocket Recordings?

It’s been so great for us being on Rocket Recordings. It’s such a creative and artistic label with both Chris and Johnny working visually.

You’re selling out venues on your current tour- how does that feel?

We’re just so happy that people liked what they’ve heard so far. And that they are coming to the live shows feels simply amazing.

Catch Josefin Öhrn & the Liberation tonight at The Louisiana. 

Check out the new music video for ‘Sister Green Eyes’ below: 

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