Preview: Why?

Why? is returning to Portland in support of their new album ‘Moh Lhean’, their first full album in five years.

Since 2004 Why? has been developing a unique indie hip hop aesthetic that is undoubtedly their own.  Yoni Wolf’s lyrical release on ‘Moh Lhean’ coincides beautifully with the peculiar arrangement of instruments and beats, and his use of narrative form and vivid images allow for a poetic language that has his fans in the palm of his hands.  When you see Why? live, the euphoric atmosphere created from their light show and intimate performances allow fans the experience of their favorite Songs in a much different manner than their albums.  Don’t miss Why? when they come to Revolution Hall in Portland, Or on March 24th.  Check out their  video for ‘This Ole King below’.

Tickets are available here.

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