Our Lucky Seven #3: Favourite music videos of 2016

Artwork: Harry Wyld.

Most music videos these days look like half-baked media studies projects. Some actually go beyond the obvious of setting off a few flares and whacking it into slow motion though. Here’s some of our favourites from this year:

Dinosaur Jr. – Tiny

There’s a bond between J. Mascis and this dog that evokes a certain nonchalant perfection. Both share the same simple appreciation for each other and the skateboards that they ride. Mans best friend should be in all videos.

Pup – Sleep In The Heat

It’s probably no coincidence that every video so far has a mutt of some kind in. This one however is a bit more sad than the last. Coupled with thrashing and emotive pop punk, and the acting prowess of Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, it’s a winner.

Tim Presley – White Fence

Tim Presley, AKA White Fence, spies on an unassuming quartet rocking out in a park, and there’s a dog on a swing. Beautiful.

Aphex Twin – CIRKLON3

Ryan Wer is a 12 year-old kid from a small seaside town in Dublin. He makes homemade Aphex Twin videos and uploads them to YouTube for fun. In 2016, the actual Aphex Twin asked Ryan if he would direct a video for his new record, CIRKLON3. A heartwarming story, a beautiful song, and a video with a feeling of innocence that transcends the clutches of the contrived. (Selected by Elliot Pearce).

Joyce Manor – Fake I.D.

Because we all secretly hoped there was a parallel superhero universe at one point for the sake of sinking a few bevvies.

Scarlet Rascal – Strange

You never know what to expect from a James Hankins video. This was one of our favourites he’s produced this year – but the list really was too hard to pick from.

Spectres – Dissolve

Spectres returned with this messed up and spooky video recently. Not something for everyone (myself included), though we’ve got to commend their balls-out bravery.

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