Anthrax @ O2 Academy: Review

Photo: Nigel Reece

Last weekend thrash metal titans Anthrax led darkly clad metal masses to take over the city centre. In The Hatchet beforehand tracks such as ‘Blackened’ by Metallica could be heard kicking out of the jukebox and many pints of Hobgoblin were chugged. It was always going to be a fun one. 

The band took to the stage for a set that promised ‘Among The Living’ in entirety and other greatest hits. Unusually the mixture of tracks came first as the likes of ‘Madhouse’ were dropped early into the night. The setlist was split into two different shows, so after a career spanning mix of tracks, they left and deployed a bit of Iron Maiden through the speakers to keep us excited.

Then came the return for arguably their most definitive album to date. The band didn’t lose any momentum despite the short break which was a concern amongst some in the crowd. Hearing the likes of ‘Caught In A Mosh’ and ‘I Am The Law’ played live was a powerful experience. Obviously it was a chaotic affair amongst the front few rows. The band looked like they were enjoying the set and it proved a true celebration of the album.

It’s clear that this record still is a vital part of metal history. It showcased a level of intelligence that hadn’t necessarily been seen in the genre before, with large parts inspired by horror pioneer Stephen King. The enthusiasm of the Bristol metal community for this show just backed the importance of this band even further.

Check out the full record here.

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