Avi Buffalo talks Portland ahead of Rontoms show

Avi Buffalo is an artist who made us weak at the knees with his last record ‘At Best Cuckold’. Despite a few years slipping by since that output he’s coming to Portland for a show at Rontoms on August 6th. We caught up with him ahead of the date.

We’re super excited for the Portland show – how have your past experiences been of the city?

I’m excited too! I’ve enjoyed Portland many times now. There’s a lot of good food and music there, not to mention the beautiful nature surrounding and within it.

How did the idea of teaming up with Haunted Summer come about?

About as naturally as it can be. We’ve known each other for years throughout previous bands in the LA area, etc. They asked me if I wanted to do a tour they were putting together as it would be mutually beneficial and I thought it was an awesome idea. We’re traveling together and sharing equipment, the whole thing.

‘At Best Cuckold’ packed a beauty and innocence – how have you developed since that release?

Thank you! I wanted it to. I think a lot of things have developed since but then again from my perspective I’ve found it’s hard to tell. I’ve been very excited about a good number of musical and creative things that feel new to me. I would love to be able to express myself with as many of my favorite things as possible. It can be hard for me to stay focused in order to actually do that!

Would you consider that album a turning point in your career so far?

Sure, I think any even small “body of work” like that can be. I definitely considered that part of my collection of songs something I needed to get out into the world in order to move forward emotionally in my life. That’s what making music is for me I guess!

There’s a real sense of emotional exposure in tracks like ‘Can’t Be Too Responsible’ – how do you put pen to paper?

With that one I think from what I remember I just was sitting with a guitar, made up the progression and the vocal melody on the spot, pretty quick in some minutes, then I wrote out lyrics I was probably making on the spot too. Sometimes, the more spontaneous, the more exposed the musical emotion can be.

So what’s in the pipeline for future material and what can we expect from it?

I can’t tell you much, but I’m very excited for it, in fact it’s practically all I think about!

We’re also based in Bristol UK – any plans to hit Europe at all?

Yes, please! Get me out there, I’d love to play again lots out there like never before.

Check out ‘Can’t Be Too Responsible’ here:

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