Portland artists to know: Mean Jeans

Mean Jeans are Portland’s local party band.  In fact they love to party and rock and roll so much that it even caught the attention of Fat Wreck owner and lead singer of NOFX Fat Mike, who signed them and released their latest studio album ‘Tight New Dimension Vision in 2016.

Mean Jeans revives the 77 Ramones punk rock sound and wraps it around catchy pop punk melodies that when heard in concert will have you chugging beers as fast as you can.  One of the peculiarities in their music is the bubble gum pop feel some songs take on like ‘Crummy Crummy’ from their album ‘On Mars’. These local rock and rollers also receive local scene credit for giving small local pdx bands who may just be getting their footing in the scene shows with them, since when Mean Jeans play, it’s always a packed show full of raging and stage diving fans.  To have a band dedicated to partying and their local scene, while also becoming a national act, is exactly what Portland needs.  There couldn’t be a better band to assume the mantle.

Mean Jeans always seems to be on tour somewhere.  Recently they played shows in the Midwest, with NYC’s Dirty Fences who are making quite the splash internationally and gaining fans show by show in America. Hopefully soon Mean Jeans will head back over to Europe and all you Bristol punks can see and experience the American rock and roll underground.  Check out the video for ‘Croozin’ and ‘Anybody Out There’ below.

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