Bristol’s Slonk maintains the thrills with folk track ‘Jane’s Boots’

Most people on the Bristol music scene will know Joe Sherrin as  frontman of the abrasive Milo’s Planes

Although his solo project Slonk has been gaining some fast ground over the last few months, with a headline show at Crofters Rights and his new folk single ‘Jane’s Boots’ turning heads through the Art Is Hard label. Telling us about the track, Joe said:

“Shortly after the release of ‘Songs About Tanks’ in March I wrote a new batch of songs, way too many to be honest. These new songs, just like those on ‘Songs About Tanks’, chronicle and narrate a specific period of my life. ‘Jane’s Boots’ is the first one I’ve chosen to release because I like the story-telling lyrics and how it came out sounding genuinely like The Pogues. That wasn’t something I had envisioned at all when I first wrote it. I’m super chuffed that Art Is Hard are going to release it as part of their singles club too, I’m a massive fan of theirs so it means a lot to me.”

Check out the single right here.

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