We caught up with Death Valley Girls ahead of their PDX show

Since their conception in 2014 Death Valley Girls have made their mark on the west coast underground rock and roll scene.  Burger Records released their latest album ‘Glow In The Dark’ last year and ever since the band has been touring flat out. We found out more…. 

Death Valley Girls have been doing some pretty heavy touring recently – how’s it all been going on the road?
Going great! Two European tours so far this year and we are on a US tour with Roky Erickson right now, it’s been amazing hearing those songs every night and hanging out with Roky and his band, DVG guitar player Larry is also playing in Roky’s band!

You recently got a nice bit of attention from Iggy Pop so things can’t be going too badly – what did that mean to you?
Having Iggy play our music and talk about our band blew our minds, he’s been inspiring to us all for years and to have him dig our music means a lot to us, he’s a true authentic American rock n’ roll hero.

Tell us a little bit about how ‘Glow In The Dark’ has been going down live – you must be brimming with confidence by now?
We’ve been touring for over a year since the record came out and feel the live show has really gotten better, especially since we’ve introduced a few new songs into the set.

What did you hope for that record to achieve sound-wise and lyrically – you’re very much drawing on the past but keeping it fresh?
We are conduits for songs that already exist in space! All we hoped for was that we would be given the inspiration from above to record these songs.

We’re super excited for the upcoming show at Mississippi Studios in Portland – do you feel more at home on the West Coast?
We love the west coast , half the band are west coast natives, but the other half east coast so we’re torn! We love playing Mississippi Studios in Portland, we met Fred and Toody last time we played there, awesome venue, great people!

Lastly what should we expect from the PDX show?
A rock n’ roll seance! New songs and summoning spirits of rock n’ roll past and future…

Get yourself excited for the show and listen to ‘Death Valley Boogie’ here: 

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