We had a chat with Brutus ahead of their return to Bristol

Belgian band Brutus nailed on their last visit to Bristol for Effigy Festival. With a scheduled return to the Exchange this October, we had a chat with the band to find out more… 

We’re super excited for Brutus to return to Bristol – do you have fond memories of the last visit for Effigy?

Yeah sure! It was one of the coolest shows of the tour! We were able to play with Big Business and Whores. It was a great night with a lot of great bands. We’re really happy to be back!

It seems like you guys have had a massive festival season – will this give a renewed energy going into your own tour?

We’re looking forward to see some people again, yes. We played at 2000 Trees and ArcTanGent this summer, those were awesome festivals! We got a good response too, so that’s great. With our EU label Hassle Records based in London, going to the UK really feels like going home, it’s really cool.

The sound on your debut ‘Burst’ was something quite mammoth – what did you seek to capture with this release?

We tried to capture the sound that was in our heads, I think. Also, it’s the sound that goes with the songs we wrote for this album. If we make a totally different, less energetic album someday, it may sound different.

It seems like we can expect it to be quite a noisy affair when you return – has the record evolved in the live environment?

I don’t know. We’re not the band that will let the song go while playing live. Or do different things because we are bored or something like that … We always try to play the best version of the song that is in us in that exact moment. This will not mean we are trying to play the version that’s on the album. It’s just that moment, that song, the three of us, the vibe of the day … and we’ll see what happens. For us, every set is different, so … yes, we evolve!

How is the scene in Belgium? It feels like a country which very much welcomes heavier music with open arms?

We are lucky, yes. There is a cool scene with a lot of people who love heavier music. They take all they have to put into music, shows, labels, venues, bookings … We are a small country, almost like one big city. So that helps too.

We have to ask but do those cracking beers help with your creativity?

I don’t think so. We’ve never wrote drunk, I think…but it sounds like a plan!

Lastly what are your plans beyond this tour – is there more material in the pipeline?

Writing, writing, writing! We have not thought about new songs until now, it’s been so busy since the record came out. But we’re looking forward to writing new material!

Get your ticket to see Brutus at The Exchange on October 1st here.

Listen to ‘All Along’ from their debut album ‘Burst’ right here: 

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