Cloud Nothings: Live Review

Cloud Nothings have provided something beyond epic with their new album ‘Life Without Sound’. From the initial emotive notes of the opener ‘Up To The Surface’, there was no doubt that this date at Thekla Bristol was going to be one of complete and utter release. 

The thing that’s captivated us most about this band is their originality in all elements. From the classic distorted guitars to strained vocal sections that come later into the set, they’re a bunch who can deliver something very impacting and real. This is more than enough to wet the walls of a dark and busy venue, despite and earlier set time than normal.

Understandably it’s mostly the new album that the band are pushing tonight, but it’s not one of those occasions where you need much older material due to the strength and emotion of the new songs. The record is clearly more than acquainted with the crowd tonight as we see some early moshing break out amongst the front early into the set. They’re guys of few words and let the tracks do the talking with standouts proving ‘I’m Not Part Of Me’.

Above all this one was relatable, melodic and loud. The highlight came nearing the end with ‘No Future / No Past’ which saw frontman Dylan Baldi break out into a sensational bout of screaming. This is definitely something which is underused in accessible fuzzy albums like this, it sparked an excitement amongst everyone in the room. We were left expecting more which never came, something of a testament to the might of this band.

Check out ‘I’m Not Part Of Me’ here:

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