What is Fairtrade Fortnight and what events are on in Bristol?

Yesterday marked the start of the Fairtrade Fortnight, a nationwide campaign, organised by the Fairtrade Foundation. It’s aim is  simple: to make shoppers think and become more aware of where their produce is coming from. Fairtrade simply means offering fair prices for farmers in the developing world. By just swapping a few items a week to Fairtrade we could make a big difference.  

Here in Bristol we pride ourselves in being one of the leading Fairtrade cities in the world. Having achieved our Fairtrade status back in 2005, we’re glad to say Bristolians are doing there bit. But as always we can do more. This fortnight we encourage everyone to think before buying.

Over the next fortnight there will be lots of events happening in Bristol to raise awareness. From new Fairtrade lush products to a meet and greet with a nicaraguan coffee farmer, it’s worth finding out more on Bristol’s Fairtrade website here.

We encourage you to check out this years campaign video below: 

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