HMLTD + Lice + Dead Pretties: Live Review

HMLTD: Photo credit: Simon Holliday

HMLTD are apeshit in every way you want a new band to be. There’s a show stopping attention to detail in their precise blend of genre mashing music. They look and sound like they’ve just landed from Mars and leave The Louisiana wondering what the hell they’ve just witnessed.

A lot of emerging artists fail to stand out in the crowd with the ‘get lost in the own noise’ approach. Layering everything with distortion or making a racket gets you nowhere these days unless you’re amazing at it. This band of Londoners are sandblasting the distortion, making clean, slick, precise music with Adam Ant level extravagance.

Tracks like ’Stained’ throb with deep, intense bass sounds, while ‘Music!’ heavily samples glitchy vintage arcade games. Then there’s the galloping and furious tracks like ‘To The Door’ which sounds like a western soundtrack on speed. Absolutely nothing stays still for one moment, this is also hugely reflected in their diverse output of singles so far. They even went to the effort of decking the place out with old mannequins and vibrant curtains. If this band don’t explode even more in the next few months, it will be an injustice to music.

Main support fittingly came from Bristol’s very own LICE who are sounding mightier with each show they play. They’re messy, sprawling and have secured themselves a legendary status on the Bristol scene for a reason. Opener The Dead Pretties were the only downside to the bill and they were verging on cringeworthy to watch. The Libertines happened over fifteen years ago, Palma Violets happened five years ago and this band are simply a hype machine that are late to the party. They even had a ‘Harry Violent’ equivalent of over the top fans who just looked like twats down from London. They probably came in the same van.

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