HMLTD + LICE + Dead Pretties: Preview

Three total forces of 2017 join together for this one of a kind bill. These are bands born to live in the dark underbelly of culture, making noisy and forward thinking guitar music for a select group of people who devoutly care.

HMLTD have been an outfit ready to smash their way to the heights of the alternative world for quite some time now. It seems apparent that this trajectory has only really started and who knows where they will end up. If one thing is clear though, it’s that they probably won’t be hanging about in intimate venues like The Lousiana for too much longer.

Joining them on this bill are LICE, a band with the capacity to now headline The Louisiana in their own right as they’ve proved multiple times now. Another hailing from the So Young Magazine scene Dead Pretties are the final support, rounding off a perfect night of music. In a few years time this show will be a time capsule, a time, a place, a group of musicians creating music that matters. Be there.

Check out ‘To The Door’ right here: 

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