Houghton Festival: Preview

Craig Richards (a residential tech house DJ at fabric with world wide recognition) has paired up with Gottwood (an idyllic festival in the North of Wales infamous for its credited musical reputation and loyal community) to create the dynamic and groundbreaking festival of Houghton.

With its debut taking place August 11th to the 13th later this year, we are expecting big things from the first ever 3 days of the festival. The line up features a series of highly acclaimed electronic artists ranging from techno to house such as the likes of Midland, Ben UFO, Joy Orbison and Craig Richards himself.

All artists have been personally picked by Craig showing the value he believes they have and the merit they will bring to the festival. Speaking about Houghton and his selection he has said, “I made it clear that the people invited to perform would be chosen on merit. All will be chefs not waiters. All are artists whose talent I value immensely. It is my intention that the festival represents the very best in electronic music and those performing are closest to my heart and record box”. This attitude is exciting, creating a new and intimate feel for a festival that has not previous been explored in this way.

In addition to this the festival allows for the collection of artists to have freedom to be explorative with extended sets and the encouragement for impromptu back to back sets adding to the wondrous creation that this festival appears to be shaping up to be. The grounds also hold resemblance to that of its “sister” festival Gottwood as they remain just as enchanting and aesthetically pleasing. With its location providing the festival goers with the perfect place to chill out after a long night of music, also allowing art lovers to experience the contemporary instillations and sculptures that the festival has to offer with works from many varying artists.

The atmospheric and breathtaking grounds coupled with the finest that dance music has to offer makes Houghton a contender for one of the most exciting festivals of the summer.

Check out the latest promotional video for a view of the grounds so far:

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