Jackson Boone: Interview

Jackson Boon is amongst the fastest rising musicians on the Portland music scene. He creates psych pop which is genuinely colourful and exciting, something which hasn’t been achieved much lately. We caught up with the man for a quick chat.

We absolutely loved your show at The Doug Fir recently, how did it feel to be playing that one?

Yeah that was a fun show,  I was more nervous than usual because it was a sold out show to way over three hundred and you can really feel the pressure when it’s like that.

It’s rare that psych music hits so hard these days, are you aware of that when writing?

Absolutely. We try to be dynamically aware as a band to make the heavy sections really heavy and the light sections really light.

There seemed to be a lot of light and shade in the music, what effect do you hope to give off?

I hope to stir up the emotions of the subconscious, to melt the iceberg if you know what I mean, tap into the mystery and feel it.

How was the creative process behind ‘Organic Light Factory’?

It’s a secret, also known as that question is too hard for me to answer so I will give you some artsy rubbish and move onward.

Would you say the Portland music scene has been a big aid in your career?

Yes, I will always and forever be a Portland music scene kid.

What are your next steps – do you have any plans to hit Europe soon?

I don’t know when we will make it to Europe, maybe next year or the following year, we are focusing on rolling up and down the West Coast for a hot minute.

Check out ‘Runaway’ right here: 

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