Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation: Review

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation captivated a sold out crowd from start to finish with their effortless performance last week, raising (and even bending) the bar for the psych experience.

Upon squeezing into the packed out Louisiana we are greeted with some appropriately kraut-esque warm up music and when Josefin Öhrn+ The Liberation slip onto the stage to begin their first song the transition is seamless, we are instantly lulled into their hypnotic realm.

The entire set is one fluid journey; from the softest of Josefin’s whispering vocals to the most full on psych assaults we are always guided with an enchanting sensitivity. They play many of the best songs from both albums, though live they take on a whole new life. Whether gently pulsing or relentlessly driving the tight motorik rhythms, they run deep through our bodies and steer us through the set.

Josefin sways in her trance, her ethereal vocals are flawless and she effortlessly embodies the music in her body language. They are joined on the tour by Angela (of Whyte Horses/Parlour) whose vocals complement Josefin’s perfectly. The band occasionally delves into deep psychedelic jams but this never feels indulgent. Although many songs use repetition and melodic meanderings to create an immersive, heady experience they are mingled with lucid pop songwriting and dance like rhythms. Overall this makes for a highly accessible and engaging live experience on a number of levels. Everything is in its correct place and nothing overstays its welcome.

When they leave the stage, making their way out through the crowd there are shouts for an encore, but we know the experience is complete. With such a natural performance and captivating songs we will willingly go wherever this band may take us next.

Check out the new video for ‘Sister Green Eyes’ here: 

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