Julia Jacklin: Interview

Aussie born Julia Jacklin stormed onto the scene last year with her disarming debut album ‘Don’t Let the Kids Win’. We caught up with her before heading out on tour today.  

Last year you released your debut album- how long was this album in the making?

I wrote the songs over a few years and then I finished recording it about a year before I released it. First albums are always a long time in the making I guess.

The world has become infatuated with you and your music. How did you feel about how well the album was received?

Pretty happy! Yeah I mean it’s been a really nice surprise but I’m so happy to be touring this record on the other side of the world right now.

We love your sound. Have you always been a folk fan?

Yeah I guess, my mum was really into Irish folk music when I was a kid and my Dad wouldn’t stop playing Billy Bragg. Then I found it again in my late teens and I’ve stuck pretty close to it ever since.

You direct your own music videos. As you were writing your album did you already have an idea of how the visual aspect was going to turn out?

Kind of but most of the aesthetics came from the house we filmed the ‘Pool Party’ video in. That informed the rest of the art direction I think. I just couldn’t get over this house, it had so many great rooms and backdrops I tried to use every part of it. I’m sure I’ll go back there soon and use it for something else.

You’re about to set off on tour- are there any tracks in particular that you always look forward to playing live?

I’m really enjoying ‘Leadlight’ at the moment. Took me a while to enjoy playing that one, I used to get really nervous for some reason. But we’re getting through it pretty smoothly these days which is great.

What can fans expect from your shows this time round?

Playing some new songs which has been nice to add to the set and a cover which we haven’t done before. Same humour, maybe slightly different outfits because it’s cold.

Check out the self directed video for Pool Party here: 

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