The Karma Repair Kit: Interview

The Karma Repair Kit are currently experimenting with a new, louder sound with latest single ‘Bite’. We talk all things Bristol, nineties Sub Pop and Metallica with the Bristol based noise-makers.

We’re loving your sound right now – what’s going on with The Karma Repair Kit?

Thanks! We’ve been playing louder and heavier live for a while now but we’ve only just got round to releasing anything that is close to representing that. People would come along to our shows expecting us to sound like BJM and be a bit surprised so it’s a big relief to finally have a couple of tunes out that show what we’re about.When we started gigging we were just playing songs me [Alex] and Jamie had put together in our flat, so naturally they drew influence from spacier bands we like because we had to be quiet and we weren’t really thinking about live performance at that point. But when we started playing with Rob and Matt there was a lot more energy and we gravitated towards this new sound which now feels much more like us as a band.

The new track ‘Bite’ is awesome – is this a sign of more material to come?

Cheers – yes very much so. We have a bunch of new songs recorded and more about to be recorded. We’re currently figuring out exactly how we want to release them but definitely expect to hear more from us over the next few months.

What was it like going into the studio with Jim Barr?

He’s brilliant and also understatedly hilarious. I had him as a lecturer for a while and we got on well and spent a lot of time making loads of noise in the studio. When we were looking to record I just asked him who he’d recommend and he said he’d do it. So we spent a long day recording ‘Moodswinger’, that we released at the end of last year, as well as this new song, ‘Bite’. We had a great time doing it and we’re super pleased with how he made us sound!

To what extent do you find influence in the nineties Sub Pop bands?

Never heard of ’em. No, obviously we’re huge fans of a lot of that stuff and more than willing to wear our influences on our sleeve in that respect. Understandably, everyone’s immediate point of reference for that era is Nirvana but it’s bands like TAD, Mudhoney and Sleater Kinney from Sub Pop that continue to provide hidden gems and weird ideas when going back to listen to them. I’d say some more eclectic bands like Slint and Unwound have been more influential on recent writing so hopefully you’ll be able to hear some of that as we release more stuff.

Is Bristol still an exciting place to be creating at the moment? You’ve been smashing it here a little while…

Oh yeah, more so than ever! We definitely feel like we’ve found our feet much more and also developed great friends in other like-minded bands. The sheer range of people not only creating distinctive music but doing so to such an unprecedented standard is overwhelming – it’s amazing even to be a small part of that. Bristol slays!

Any exciting summer plans we should know about?

Our priority is really to be getting more material out so we’ll be recording lots and we’d also love to release something physically, perhaps an EP, later this year. Other than that we’ll be endeavouring to play some more festivals and then hopefully Metallica will come to the UK so we’ll probably support them.

Listen to ‘Moodswinger’ here:

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