King Krule: Review

After a 5 year hiatus King Krule has finally made it to Bristol’s Marble factory. It’s safe to say he’s accumulated an undeniable hype over the last few years, and tonight we’re in for a treat. 

Marking the first date in his European tour after returning from the USA, King Krule arrives to a sold out show; greeted and howled at by a welcoming crowd. Their enthusiasm is not misplaced as Krule throws to the crowd melodic guitar riffs accompanied by saxophones that resonate throughout the venue.

The set list is packed with tracks to please any fan, with an array of songs from his prolific catalogue. Krule’s latest album ‘The Ooz’, fell on eager ears, despite being somewhat tamer than his earlier angsty songs.

Finishing off with ‘Baby Blue’ and ‘Easy Easy’, obvious favourites for anyone who has followed the career of Krule left us humbly attuned to his every word and yearning for more.

Listen to ‘Easy Easy’ off King Krule’s 2013 debut album ‘6 Feet Beneath the Moon’ below:

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