L.A. Witch tell about their debut album and upcoming Portland date

Back in February this year West Coasters L.A. Witch signed to Suicide Squeeze and last month released their self-titled debut. With the album going down a treat, we caught up with the band before they arrive in Portland.

Your debut album dropped recently – how does it feel to have it go out into the big wide world?

It’s been a long time coming, so we’re definitely excited to share it.

It’s been highly anticipated by a lot of your fans – did you feel any pressure while recording it?

I think that since we’ve been a band so long without releasing an album, there’s always kind of the expectation that it should be worth the wait.

Suicide Squeeze seem to be a perfect fit for you – how was it working with them?

We love them! We’ve never been on a label before so we don’t really have anything to compare it to, but they are like family. We just went to a Dodgers game together recently. Dodgers won! We’re excited to get out and play the new tracks live with the label behind us.

You’re currently mid Europe tour and then heading back to the US – will it be nice being home?

It’s always nice to be home, but really our lives are on the road. We leave for a full US/Canada tour a week after we get home, and then we head to Australia after. And then back home for some Southern California dates before the holidays!

We’re really looking forward to the Portland date – being from the West Coast do you feel more at home there?

Portland is so beautiful, we wish we had more time to stay and explore the city. The West Coast really is the best coast!

Check out ‘Baby in Blue Jeans’ off their self-titled debut here: 

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