The Lemon Twigs @ Thekla Bristol: Review

The Lemon Twigs kick off their European tour at Thekla with an entertaining and enjoyable show that we won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

“I’m not even going to mention the fact that we’re on a boat, because I’m sure every time you come to a gig here someone does that right?” Is the first thing Brian D’addario says when he steps on stage and addresses the eagerly applauding sold out Thekla. This statement quite aptly sums up The Twigs’ approach; whether it’s stage patter or song-writing they are all too aware of everything that has come before them yet all too happy to replicate it in their theatrical tongue-in-cheek manner.

They boldly open with the hit ‘I Wanna Prove To You’. It can be hard to know what to make of these guys when listening to them on record, their song writing aptitude is undisputable yet its perfection can lead to questioning its authenticity. Though right from the start of this first song it’s evident that Brian believes a hundred percent in the music he loves and it’s definitely no act. Even introducing each and every song as would have been done in the sixties, his ways come across entirely as homage to his inspirations.

Homage is also paid to the D’addario’s father, they play a song he wrote as well as a cover of Alex Chiltons ‘All of the time’. All the songs are super tight, the drumming is full of energy and their harmonies are perfect. Half way through the set Brian puts his guitar down to play a song on the keyboard and Michael comes out from behind the drums to reveal he is wearing a skintight leopard print onesie. In parts of this song the whole band harmonise making for some of the most beautiful and magical moments of the night.

The show is definitely one of two halves. Brian plays drums for the remainder of the set and when Michael takes up the guitar and lead vocals. He is full of energy, flamboyantly waltzing around the stage and punctuating the music with the highest kicks you have seen outside of a kung fu film, all the while his vocals and guitar work is effortless. The animated and larger than life nature of his performance feels like an ode to the musical theatre that inspires the twigs.

With such an entertaining performance, quality musicianship and perfect compositions it is hard for anyone in the crowd to not have been won over by The Twigs tonight.

Check out ‘These Words’ right here: 

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