Mount Kimbie to play Motion Bristol: Preview

Mount Kimbie return with their ambient electronic beats after a four-year hiatus.

After the release of their second album ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ Mount Kimbie consolidated themselves as risk takers within the making of electronic music, due to unexpected vocals with the likes of King Krule and their fizzing electronic samples and instrumentals. It moved them from laptop producers to studio musicians.

They now return with three singles, in which previously used featured artists James Blake and King Krule return for developed collaborations, as well as an official release with Palms Trax with a remix of the single Marilyn.

Mount Kimbie will return to Motion Bristol this November for the penultimate night of their UK tour before setting off to Europe. Expect a night of impressive visuals and ambience.

Check out ‘We Go Home Together’ here: 

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