New heavy metal stage at Glastonbury 2017

This year’s festival will feature a new stage dedicated to just heavy metal named ‘The Earache Express’. The stage will be curated by the legendary independent label Earache Records, and is the newest addition to the Shangri-La area.  

Performing on this old tube carriage stage, is headliner ‘Napalm Death’ among other big names in heavy metal such as ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ and ‘Wormrot’. With the festival generally missing out on the heavier sides of things, we’re glad to see the best festival in the world beginning to showcase the talents in the heavy metal business.

Organiser Dan Tobbin has said ‘”Shangri-la is where the maddest, noisiest people who don’t want to go to bed go after the main stages close down, and we are hoping to add some more madness and some more noise to the party.” We couldn’t agree with you more Mr Tobbin.

Here’s the line up for the stage so far:

Get in the mood for noise with Earache Express headliners Napalm Death and their track ‘The Wolf I Feed’ here: 

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