Our Lucky Seven #1: Favourite KEXP performances

Artwork by Harry Wyld

KEXP, based in Seattle has become a touchstone for people digging around YouTube for good quality videos of bands that don’t have someone’s head involved or screaming teenage girls. The station has produced some of the best performances online, here are some of our favourites…

Ty Segall & The Muggers

A ferociously weird and wondrous first performance in KEXP’s new studio, Ty Segall and his band of Muggers tear Seattle’s airwaves a new one. Includes a baby mask, vomiting and a prosthetic umbilical cord.

Divine Fits

Back in 2012, Britt Daniel (Spoon) and Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) collaborated to create the seminal album A thing called Divine Fits, and in August of that year they went into KEXP’s studio and recorded one of the finest radio performances I’ve ever heard. Daniel’s voice is extra gravelly and the synths are extra sweet.

Parquet Courts

KEXP is known for making performance videos that sound as good, if not better than the bands albums, and this performance by Parquet Courts is no exception. The band light it up! Some of best versions of Human Performance songs on the interwebs.


Canadian grunge / lo-fi outfit Weed appeared in the KEXP studios back in 2013, off the back of the release of their 12”, ‘Deserve’.  The vocals were coarse, and melancholia oozed from each lingering riff with an inimitable sense of home-grown fieriness.


The unshakably mellow London three-piece stole our hearts with their 2014 debut ‘Weird Little Birthday’, and their performance at KEXP did nothing but fan the flames. An extended version of ‘Montreal Rock Band Somewhere’ holds its gentle flow, until transcending into a denser blend of riffs and percussion.

The War On Drugs

After topping a silly amount of albums of the year lists, The War On Drugs guys stopped by the studio to perform golden cuts from their stunning ‘Lost In The Dream’. Everything about the set howled beauty. Just watch.

Car Seat Headrest

What better way was their to kick off the new KEXP home than with Car Seat Headrest? Bringing lyrical wit and crashing guitar lines, it’s remained on repeat in our workspace for months now.


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