Planning For Burial: Live Review

Photo: Joseph Mohler

Some of the most beautiful music is born from dark, brooding places where the light at the end of the tunnel can seem like a lifetime away.

Planning For Burial’s sole member, Thom Wasluck, seems to not only be familiar with those deep canals that are filled to the brim with emotion, but to have drawn up the road map to them, detailing every nook and cranny the way that only a native could tell you all about their hometown. Through his truly exploratory music, Wasluck extends out a hand to those lost in the twists and turns of their own mines of despair and confusion and helps to pull them either closer to the exit, or farther into the hole they’ve found themselves in. That choice, ultimately, is left to the listener.

Amidst the snow and ice that blanketed the city last month, Thom Wasluck found his way into the comfort of one of Portland’s accepting and tightly-knit DIY spaces on his most recent tour as Planning For Burial. A better setting could not be found as Wasluck, tore through a visceral set. With one light on in the entire venue, Wasluck used an array of pedals to fill out his sound, making more noise as one man than most bands can hope to with a full line-up backing them. In a performance where the subtle turn of a knob on a foot pedal can be just as effective as playing a note on a guitar, the beauty lies in the details found in the soundscapes. Closing one’s eyes and focusing all attention on the music provides for a chance to explore hauntingly gorgeous corners of one’s mind, in a place where music crosses roads with aural and physical sensations.

With more than a few tricks learned from greats like My Bloody Valentine or Sunn0))), Planning For Burial melds together drone, shoegaze, noise, and metal into something cinematic and fresh. There is no lack of catchy vocal melodies to find drenched in effects, as well as no shortage of heavy riffs to be heard. The entire project feels like a mash-up of genres only a true fan could cultivate after hours of dedication to the music that Wasluck so obviously loves.

Planning For Burial looks forward to releasing ‘Below the House’ on March 10 this year via the Flenser.

Pre-orders can be found here.

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