Premiere: The Karma Repair Kit release new single ‘Irony’ with zine

Credit: Owain Jones

After a short time away Bristol’s Karma Repair Kit return with their latest single ‘Irony’.

According to the band the song is about a conflicted state of being, the curse of self-awareness and hopelessness. Frontman Jamie says,  “Although it seems obvious to bring up aspects of political strife like Donald Trump, white supremacy and social inequality I think we’re now at a point where a political landscape has been created that effects everyone negatively in some way, whoever you are.”

He continues, “For me, this provokes a state of near nihilism in which on the one hand you’re passionately resisting the urge to give up all hope, seeking light where you can, and on the other you feel like you’ll be better off if you resign to all the horror you perceive and revel in the chaos. This is by no means a political song though, the same conflicts apply to personal relationships and how you perceive yourself in the world”.

The single will be accompanied by a zine that the band has been working on. According to the band “the zine in itself is, in a way, a remedy to all this negativity and also a refreshing way to connect people with our music again having been inactive for several months (due to laziness and life). It felt pertinent to celebrate some of the brilliant people we know in Bristol and their various talents as well as do something completely new for us and create a physical representation of our band at this point in time”.

The zine includes photos, artwork, nonsense, writings and features contributions from their many friends and favourite Bristol artists including; Alastair Shuttleworth (LICE, The Bristol Germ), Fenne Lily, Rhys Buchanan (Rise, The Know), Christian Northwood (Leisure Records, Bristol Live Mag), Alfie Tyson-Brown (Stevie Parker) and more.

Check out the exclusive premiere of ‘Irony’ and the zine right here.

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