Preview: Benefit For Nuggets Night with The Reverberations

On Saturday the Kenton club will be holding a fundraiser for this year’s Nugget Nights.

The Reverberations, Paradise, and The Verner Pantons will be performing their 60’s influenced groovy psychedelic garage rock songs to benefit Nuggets Night 2017. Nuggets Night is a local Portland event that happens in the summer and usually features several local acts performing classic garage rock covers and two legendary garage rock bands.  Last year The Flamin Groovies and The Kingsmen took over Mississippi Studios.  This year the Star Theater will host The Pandoras, The Shadows Of The Knight, The Woogles, and The Loons on July 23rd and 24th.  Come support your local music this scene Saturday when Paradise, The Verner Pantons, and The Reverberations will put some shake back into your hips. Below is a video of The Reverberations performing their song ‘Move Along’ live.

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