Review: The Bouncing Souls @ Hawthorne Theater

The Bouncing Souls returned to the Hawthorne Theater the past weekend for a show that did not disappoint.  The Hawthorne Theater is one of the most underrated venues in Portland.  One of their main features is friendly security team that only cares about your safety, meaning as long as the crowd takes care of each other, stage diving, moshing, and crowd surfing are all ok.  This is not the norm at most venues in Portland and this choice of venue location allowed for the Bouncing Souls to have a pure punk rock show where the crowd wasn’t told what to do by security, but where the crowd respected the artist and the artist respected the crowd.  This unison and agreement allowed for a show that boasted The Bouncing Souls top anthems.

Throughout the show The Bouncing Souls played songs from what seemed like every album, Powering their way through fan favorites like, “Hopeless Romantic”, “Kate Is Great”, The Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics”, “Gone”, “Lean On Sheena”.  The career spanning set list allowed for a perfect energy that allowed the crowd breathers every five or six songs.  It’s hard not to need a timeout during a Bouncing Souls show, as their catchy punk rock songs that center around cathartic lyrics of dealing with youth and the personal past were screamed, yelled, sang, and chanted back to the band.

The overall feeling of comradery, becoming one with the crowd, was led by The Bouncing Souls lead singer Greg Attonito, who unlike many other punk rock lead singers, has a much more calm demeanor on stage as if he contemplates the words to his songs while he sings. His laid back attitude kept the fans in a very playful mood, ready for any song thrown their way.   By the end of the night, many were dunk, dripping in sweat, glasses were broken, hats were thrown in the air, but when the fans heard the opening notes for “Manthem”, they cheered, knowing they would have at least three more minuets where nothing else mattered but the song coming through the speakers.  Below is a fan video that really captured the nature of the Bouncing Souls 2017 Simplicity Tour.



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