Rise Bristol to release celebratory record featuring big local names

Rise is to release a celebratory limited record featuring Wenonoah, Tara Clerkin, Idles and Lice

The store said in a statement, “To commemorate our time in Rise Bristol before the doors close one final time, we’ve decided to try our hand at releasing a record. One of the greatest privileges we have at Rise is getting to meet and work alongside the Bristol music scene so we wanted to champion it some more and put together our own 12″ featuring some of our favourite tracks which have never been on vinyl before.”

Anyone who’s been in and around the Bristol music scene will recognise and adore some of the names which provide a nice cross-section of the local scene. The store said, “We are honoured to have the chance to put them all together on one slab of wax, a tiny slice of the ever expanding and impressive Bristol music scene.” Adrian Dutt of the store also told us, “We hope to keep this series going as a self perpetuating project so we hope people grab a copy and keep an ear out for volume 2!”

He also added to the thought behind the record, “We’ve always been behind the counter selling records, so before Rise Bristol headed into the chrysalis, we wanted to try our hand at releasing a record. We’ve met, heard, seen so many amazing Bristol bands during our time here, so it was an easy decision to put together a record with a few of our favourite songs which hadn’t been on vinyl before.” Side of the record features both Tara Clerkin and Wenonoah with side two featuring breakthrough names Lice an Idles.

Pre-order a copy just here.

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