Ryley Walker @ Thekla Bristol: Live Review

Photo credit: Eric Sheehan

Ryley and the band take to the stage in a very relaxed manner slowing plugging in guitars and chatting, finally before the walk on music subsides Ryley almost covers himself in beer by opening a can of Red Stripe with his mouth and salutes a cheer to the crowd.

The band kick off and the audience starts to leans in towards the stage, they jam for around five minutes before dropping into the first song taken from his new album ‘The Half Wit In Me” This opening section is a statement for what’s to come, during this 90 minute set They play around six songs each delivered from a psychedelic folk rock interlude which seems to sow the whole evening into one long flowing piece of music with a few songs in-between including a cover of Tim Hardins ‘If I were a Carpenter’.

At times the music transports you back to 1971 Glastonbury, marijuana fills the air and scantily clad bodies dance in the sunshine. As Ryley’s t-shirt of Rory Gallagher’s ‘Deuce’ suggests this is far from an acoustic folk gig, which early fans of the songwriter may have been used to. Regardless of the band around Ryley its still very much the man and his songs which come across and he delivered another mesmerising and infectious performance.

Check out ‘The Roundabout’ right here: 

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