Shame + Sorry + Coco and the Nutmilks (Lice): Review

Shame are most definitely the up and coming band you need when you want to let out your political anger and have a rant. Engaging everyone in the room with their tory bashing lyrics heavy bass and lead singer Charlie Steens jack the lad persona. Braces and beer throwing is very much the approach taken by the guys here tonight.

‘Loud and Proud’ as Steen puts it, is something a lot of post punk bands strive for these days but Shame manage to do this just right because of their direct views on our current political system and trembling verses that build up to a throat bursting chorus.

Bass intro to ‘The Lick’ throbs with intensity, Steen starts to climb stage amps encouraging particular fans to strip along with him. They go from songs like ‘Gold Hole’, which has a chilling distorted guitar riff to ‘Visa Vulture’, a very fitting but crude song written about Theresa May with an ear happy harmony and subtle riffs.

Sorry were the only let down to the night though, sounding like a very generic guitar band with ring guitar and croaky chorus’ that meant you couldn’t tell the intro song to the last. This was only made more bearable by the appearance of Lice performing under the alias Coco and the Nutmilks, which left people with a whole lot to think about.

Even though Shame may look like they’ve all just dropped out of secondary school with there dads trousers don’t be fooled when they kick off onstage giving off a similar delivery as Fat White Family. 

Check out ‘Tasteless’ here: 

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