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Last year the prolific Super Furry Animals celebrated their 20th anniversary together. A year later, the Welsh boys are still going strong, having recently reissued their debut album from 1996 ‘Fuzzy Logic’ and are seemingly not ready to pack it in just yet. We managed to get a few words in with Huw Bunford . 

Last year was the 20th anniversary of the band, do you still enjoy it all as much as you used to?

Absolutely. I don’t think we’d really do it if we didn’t enjoy it.  For starters the audience would be able to tell. We like doing it because we’re friends. We try to stay happy and do it for the right reasons. I mean it’s still the original line up and in than sense we’ve been very lucky.

Why have you decided to reissue ‘Fuzzy Logic’?

Well, the ‘Fuzzy Logic’ reissue this year is out of the fact that we’ve got no more copies. It was the same with the Welsh album ‘Mwng’ last year. There was a ‘Fuzzy logic’ original going for about £80 which it’s definitely not worth.

How does it feel playing songs that perhaps you wrote 20 years ago? Have they completely changed their meaning to you?

No not really, well not too weird in any way just yet. We’ve just been rehearsing them now and they feel quite fresh really. To do songs that you haven’t really visited for way over a decade is great. We wanted to keep the original songs as they were, we didn’t want to revamp or remix them. We are doing it as we intended with the songs in the right order.

Over the years as you’ve progressed as a band do you find that making new material has got easier or harder?

I think the process and the execution of new or actually any material has become easier but the problem is trying to get everyone in the same room at the same time you know? The hardest thing is definitely trying to organise it all in time so we can actually work with the whole band. When you’re on your own you forget how cool it is to have a drummer or a guitarist in the room.  This year we did a little unofficial  jingle for the Welsh football team during the Euro. We actually had the song for a long time because Wales hadn’t qualified for ages. Trying to get everyone in the studio at the same time for that was tricky.

Will it take another successful year for Wales to make you write another song?

No way. That would be crazy. It was a nice motivation though.

When you released ‘Mwng’, did you think of it as a risk being sung completely in Welsh? 

We actually made the album really quickly. We recorded it in about 2 weeks. It was never meant to be a sort of political statement. Just the fact that for us it was quite natural to speak in English and Welsh at home. We had a back log of Welsh songs and we wanted them to put them out. Creation records basically thought we were mental and said they wouldn’t have it, so we own ‘Mwng’.

 You’re quite a politically active band, do you think politics is important in music?

I think politics in music can be anything. ‘Two tribes’ by Frankie goes to Hollywood was a bold statement. I’ve actually got the 12” pressing of that. It was sort of comedic. It was bold and camp and that alone was quite a political statement. The way you even present a song which isn’t even political can be charged, there’s no way of avoiding it. We don’t sort of go around waving flags but I think you can probably tell we’re not Tories. We all have different views within the band, some of us think Wales should be an independent country. I think us coming out of the EU was a bit of a strange one….

You wrote ‘I love EU’ before the referendum….

Well I mean if songs did work  in changing opinions Donald Trump wouldn’t be the next President. I think Henry VIII tried his best in using music to keep power… didn’t he?I think he wrote songs and toured the country getting medieval on your ass…

After the reissues what’s next for the band?

We are going to have a short little Christmas break. I think we are all going to be occupied with various solo projects. We haven’t organised anything after these gigs (yet) so we’re taking the opportunity to dive in and do something for ourselves. I can only speak for myself but we’re all busy even when Super Furry Animals has its down time.

The band will play O2 Academy Bristol on Tuesday, 6 December, tickets here.

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