Taos Humm: Interview

Earlier in the month two Bristol juggernauts came together to put out a very special album. That was prolific labels Howling Owl and Stolen Body. We caught up with the Taos Humm guys for a slightly peculiar chat around the release.

How does it feel to have finally finished your debut and have it ready for release?

Like a wet finger in the ear you put up with for just as long as you can bear before it became enjoyable, and then not, and then enjoyable again, and then it stopped and for a moment there was some sort of clarity but you didn’t really know what it meant after all. Still, it happened and you shared something special.

Could you tell us a bit about the album?

It’s fun… sometimes we listen back and think hmm.. and sometimes we think mmm. It’s been a long time reaching fruition and we made it wanting to have fun, and we did.until it took ages to agree what things should sound like and then it became a bit convoluted at times. In the end, I think we’re generally very pleased with the outcome. Lessons were learned and we will hopefully have a quicker turn around on the next one.

How did the collaboration between Howling Owl and Stolen Body come about?

We were all friends before, and then they found each other I think, as groups collide, and together we’re figuring it out as things are changing for the better. This won’t be the last collaboration they do. Between such familial happening dudes there is no time for rivalry, only love and community; a much-touted vibe for this part of the country, and the music scene and it’s captains earn these stripes as such.

What’s the psych scene like in Bristol?

Broad and fluid, but not as wiggly as it could be… aha! It’s all evolving like our hairy ancestors and we might look pretty hairy to future ape types. Some plough new furrows, others follow and find new avenues to go down themselves, it keeps moving and the calibre is very high generally. As we see might see our ‘psych’ scene transgress in the form of Giant Swan’s eclipsing sets or watch Evil Usses to see how sideways they can bend those noodle freak jams. Stick bashed, button pressed or finger plucked it’s grown a lot in front of us since we joined in six or so years ago, I guess we all have a bit too. And also along for that ride is our own microcosmic psych collective, Belvoir House Band which consists of 10 or so of us forming EBU, Tara Clerkin Band and Edward Penfold amongst other projects. Which just started out as a bunch of friends helping each other make their secret songs come to life but has now become a handy pocket of like-minded musicians to share and perform with. Lovely.

We really love ‘Hi Hats Are For Post Punk Heroes’ how did the track come together?

Thank you, that’s nice to hear. Sunny wrote the guitar bit and Ed played along the drums. Matt did a weird sound mush harnessing the Mercy of the Sea pedal which makes a wonderful racket and Dom Mitch spread it out in all the right places; props.

What does the future hold for the band after the release? Are there any important dates we need to get ready for?

A certain due date is prevailing over decisions for upcoming events. However, we’re all in it feeling keen to continue our current arrangement and the next album is already well behind recording schedule. We might have missed something in the middle but are ploughing onwards and upwards. Two Bristol shows next month; 8th of April for Chustock and 21st April for our album launch party, Salford on the 30th playing with Bristol buds Spectres and Giant Swan at Sounds From The Other City. We will be following up with a more substantial stint of gigs late Summer and Autumn.

Check out ‘RC’ right here: 

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