The Hague / Worws / Broodmare / SHE @ High Water Mark: Live Review


Four local bands. No cover charge. No excuses. This is Portland at its finest. 

Another Monday night and the High Water Mark draws another substantial crowd. With a line up like this, it’s no wonder. There is something for everyone at this show, a true showcase of the different types of bands the city has to offer.

SHE open the night off with energy. The crowd files in still as they play on, locals once again ignoring the beginning of a new week to instead drink beers and see what the neighborhood haunts are offering up. Broodmare tear into their set of heavy, melodic, mathematic rock afterwards without a hitch, a truly tight performance from all members.



As the second or third drink begin to collectively kick in, WORWS appropriately takes the stage. While they may not be aware of it coming out, they are exactly what the wound-up patrons want to see on a cold weeknight. Spending the entirety of the set on the floor, bassist T.J. moshes along with a frantic crowd through song after song of fast, hardcore punk branded metal, all without missing a groove.

Rounding the night out, The Hague takes stage. This band may not know it, but they are easily one of the most diverse groups sonically to come out of Portland in some time. A set from them explores territory from all over the board, from alternative country tendencies to truly beautiful post-rock inspired crescendos, all wrapped up with anthemic melodies and choruses that beg to be sung along to. By the end of their set, they have the entire crowd clamoring for the microphones, climbing over the monitors to share a line or two of the last song with the band.

The Hague.

A listen through The Hague’s most recent offering, 2014’s Samsaratakes you on a long, windy road with a lot of branching paths that all trail off in different directions, only to ultimately lead to the same end. Saying they cover a lot of ground on this record is an understatement, the way the group marries so many genres together in such a comfortable manner is a true testament to the chemistry between members. With a new album announced for early 2017, its  hard to just wait around to see what they have up their sleeves this time.

Check out The Hague right here:

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