The Last Podcast On The Left: Live @ Mississippi Studios: Preview

Illustration: Adrian Dutt

Hail Satan! Hail Gein! The deliciously morbid yet hilariously funny and informative, ‘Last Podcast On The Left’ will be making it’s way to The Mississippi Studios on Saturday December 17th.

For those new to the horror and serial killer themed podcast, the content usually consists of Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks discussing, and describing to us the usually horrific crimes of history’s more notorious killers. Their aptly titled ‘Big Hitters’ series are an absolute essential, and fear not, despite the subject matter, there is enough humour and tongues are firmly pressed into cheeks.

The chance to see this live is unmissable, so book the remaining tickets whilst there is still time. It’s not often the guys decamp from their New York Cave Radio base, so when they do, it’s a special occasion. Expect bloody tales, gore, and a general disregard for tact. Excellent and thoroughly recommended!

Tickets and further information here.

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