The Moonlandingz: Interview

The Moonlandingz are important outsiders bringing music from another galaxy. The supergroup brought their immersive debut album to Thekla Bristol recently and left more than an impression. Fresh from the chaos, we grabbed a few words with the band.

As you guys started as a side project – has the response taken you by surprise?

I had every belief that what we were sitting on was both pretty special and dripping with ‘sweet psychedelic, brainwash pop’.. we are what the world is in need of right now, we are the square peg in the arse hole of popular music – and it feels good!

We absolutely love the record – what were you going for with it?

We just wanted to make the greatest, cleverest, adult pop record of the 22nd Century… I think we pulled that off, easily!

How was it working with Sean Lennon and how did that impact the sound?

Great. The Moonlandingz are like an eight legged spider, but with Sean on our side we became a ten legged spider. Which obviously makes us a really cool spider.

How did you come to work with Rebecca from Slow Club?

She was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar!

The UK tour was next level – what can the US crowds expect at this huge NYC show?

It will also be Next level, but with a five hour time difference… we are psychedelic time travellers, beating ourselves up on a United airlines jet, so you don’t have too!

How do you plan to tackle Glastonbury? It’s a festival that can come to define bands…

Glastonbury, really needs the Moonlandingz… we are coming to redefine it… Our appearance will be like a mass walk of shame… All the randy, semi-erect, up all night, low life, scummy, petty tent thieves and acid casualties – all in a field together – not giving three fucks – hurling themselves stageward… and that’s just the band.

You can catch them in New York’s Rough Trade May 11th. 

Check out ‘The Strangle of Anna’ off their debut album here: 

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