Thought Forms: Interview

Thought Forms have been consistently brilliant over the years. The band are just about to drop a new album ‘Songs About Drowning’. They’re playing a special launch party for this at The Louisiana on December 17. We caught up with Charlie Romijn to chat about their plans. 

What can we expect from your album launch?

We’ll be playing a lot of songs from the new album of course, including several that we’ve never played live before – we’re very excited about a special guest that we have joining us for a couple of those. We’ll also be reunited with Jim Barr who played on the album and we’re very happy to have two of our favourite bands playing with us, Headfall and VENA CAVA. Mardt who plays in VC played bass with us on our recent tours so it will be great to watch him play from the audience again. We also have another of our favourite bands, Repo Man, on DJ duties; they have amazing taste and know how to have a good time.

Tell us about the record, how was the creative process?

It was certainly different to how we’ve done things before – with ‘Ghost Mountain’, we’d been playing those songs live for a long time before we recorded them. This time, we took a break from touring to concentrate on writing and really took our time over the recording process and a lot of energy and love was poured into the words. We’re really proud of it.

The sound is reminiscent of some stoner rock psychs bands from the end of the 90s, is that an influence at all?

We’re really crap with genres, but if you were to name some bands then probably. Between us we’re into a pretty wide range of stuff. We were lucky enough to be part of the Terrastock family – the Terrastock festivals were always full of the finest psych and stoner bands! We discovered bands like Paik and Landing there.

What are your top Bristol gigs from this year?

Landslide Purist at Cafe Kino, Get The Blessing and Modulus III at Arnolfini, Däelek at The Exchange and Father John Misty at Colston Hall.

2016 has been a bit of a downer for a lot of people, what do you hope 2017 will bring?

It certainly has. We’re just hoping that as a result of all the horrible shit that’s been happening, people will come together and make more of an effort to look out for each other and spread love and positivity instead of the endless fear and hatred that’s being forced down our throats. Sounds cheesy, but we need it. We are also hoping to be able to retain EU citizenship and that somebody will travel faster than the speed of light.

Check out one of our favourites from a few years back: 

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