True Widow / Lowlands: Live Review

Monday nights are nothing to the stoners of Portland. Despite the turn of the week, the floor of the Holocene was packed front to back with people huddling over their beers and waiting anxiously for the show to start.

For their first visit to the city, Lowlands addressed the crowd with a thick layer of fog spilling out from somewhere behind their drummer. Their brand of goth inspired post-punk was accentuated by the atmosphere provided by lighting and haze, and kept the crowd memorized through a hearty set, which ultimately felt shorter than the attendants would’ve liked it to go on.

After that, True Widow slayed through their set with barely a pause between songs, bassist Nicole Estill and drummer Timothy Starks keeping the pulse of the set list beating between tunes while guitarist Dan Phillips would occasionally switch out axes. In fact, the rhythm section stole the show in a lot of ways, with Estill and Starks locking in the bluesy, fuzzed out background that make up a lot of True Widow’s songs. It’s not often that you see a drummer and bassist talk to each other the way they manage to, something that is itself a testament to their work ethic. In the end, they showed the Rainy City how they do it; maximum volume, minimal banter, and an effortless air about them, proving that if they aren’t already sitting in the throne of Post-Metal-dom, they have their sights on it at the very least.


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